Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress Pad

During my search for the right memory foam mattress pad, I’ve done a numerous research on the internet for this. I don’t want to buy something in which I would regret. I know some offer a 30 day return policy, but the thought of returning it can be such a hassle. To me, if I want to buy something, I’d have to do my due diligent first. That means research, research and more research. I want to be satisfied the first time around. Otherwise it would be such a waste of time.

One of the memory foam mattress pads that I did my research on was on the Isotonic memory foam mattress pad. Most complains you’d hear when it comes to a memory foam mattress pad is the smell, and the mattress pads from Isotonic are no different. Airing it for a day or two would do the trick. But if you have a very sensitive nose, you might want to think twice. I’ve read a review that said it smells like a dead fish and looks like a $5 piece of crap you’d find in an alleyway.


Since I started with a negative review first, I think I’d talk about the negative points on the Isotonic memory foam mattress pads first.

I’m fascinated by this other reviewer who bought this Isotonic memory foam mattress pad and said that the foam got completely flattened from 2 inch to less than 1/2 inch and that it created two large craters at the positions where he and his wife sleep. Poor guy.

Another reviewer shared the same view. He said that the Isotonic memory foam mattress pad is a great product but with a limited lifetime. It has lost its elasticity. But then again he has been using it for 7+ years. To me, it’s a very long time. I’m not sure how long does this reviewer want his mattress pad to last anyway.

Then this other guy complained about the Isotonic memory foam mattress pad being a bit smaller than his bed. In fact I’ve seen a couple of other people who said the same thing.

Then those are the common bad reviews I’ve seen so far. Most poeple fell in love with their Isotonic memory foam mattress pads from the first time they laid their bodies on them.

One guy confirmed that if you are sharing the bed someone else, you won’t be disturbed when your partner moves. Though he said that he didn’t feel necessary to move because it was so comfortable.

Another reviewer said that when he laid down the first time on his Isotonic memory foam mattress pad, straight away his body slowly conformed into the pad. Your body just sinks into it slowly. He even advised against buying a new mattress or an air bed or a water bed. Just buy a mattress pad and put it on top of your existing mattress and you’d save your money. Another interesting point was that the pad is so hi-tech, it can adjust to your body temperature so it’s never too cold or too hot.

Then again, the buying decision is yours. I might have done my research. I’d advice you make your own conclusion. If it were up to me, though matress pads from Isotonic are recommended, I’d still recommend Sleep Better 2-inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper.


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