Pool Filters and Heavy Debris – Whats the Solution

Take a look around your backyard. If you are planning on having a pool installed and your backyard is laden with heavy shedding foliage than you can rest assured that a certain percentage of that foliage is going to end up in your pool.
Heavy Backyard Foliage
Guess what? All pool filters are not the same and the reason that there are the multiple choices that there are is that some handle things like heavy foliage better than others. Install the wrong pool filter for your particular situation and you will be in for real trouble.
Diatomacous Earth Pool Filters
Take the diotomacous earth pool filters for instance. They are in fact one of the most exacting pool filers that you can buy. Diotomacous earth pool filters have a well earned reputation for maintaining crystal clear pool water.
Clogged Pool Filters
However; they also have just as well earned a reputation for clogging if they are faced with a heavy debris situation. The result is that once they are clogged the rest of the heavy debris can in turn clog your pump screen and lead to serious problems and repairs.
Sand Pool Filters – The Next Step Up
Sand filled pool filters are the next step up from there. While they don’t do as an exacting job as the diatomacous earth pool filters will they, do handle mild debris far better then the diatomacous earth pool filters. Also sand pool filers are easier to back flush and maintain.
Cartridge or Screen Pool Filters
For a heavy debris situation you will definitely want to give serious consideration to cartridge pool filters. They don’t do as an exacting job as either sand or diatomacous pool filters and they are bit more of a hassle to clean but things like leaves and large bugs just aren’t a real big problem for them.
Article was written by Melanie Lopes. Find the latest information on Pool Pumps as well asHayward Pool Pumps .